Pliny The Younger

Pliny The Younger

Pliny The Younger – Triple IPA – Russian River Brewing Company

This beer is legendary. It comes out for two weeks a year and people travel from across the globe to stand in line for hours for a taste. Why? Here’s one perspective:

It’s just been one of those days, and you can tell you’re going to need more than just resting to wind back down. You open the fridge and your eyes are drawn to the bottle your work buddy gave you (because he knows you like beer).

There’s a slight hiss as you pop off the cap, and then you gently pour it into a glass. The golden liquid sparkles enticingly as you hold the glass up to the light. Bringing the glass to your lips, you catch a whiff of mild hops and citrus before you have your first sip.

The initial taste is of toasted grain, followed by a faint sweetness and a bit of hops, both of which linger gently at the back of your tongue. It’s so smooth and easy to drink you have to force yourself to slow down, but at the same time you don’t mind savoring each sip. The flavors get more intense as the chill of the fridge wears off, yet they still maintain their smoothness.

You finish the beer and feel a moment of sadness that it’s gone, but there are other beers still in the fridge. You stand to choose another, but have to sit back down because the room starts to spin a little. Glancing back at the bottle, you realize why: 10.25% ABV. No wonder, you chuckle to yourself. Then you realize the weight of your day has already been lifted from your shoulders, and there’s only one thing left for you to do: mark your calendar, so you can have it again next year.






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